The day Emmanuel Macron became president


Further back on the Place de la République, the Orchestre Debout (Orchestra of the Upright) plays Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, while the front reveals what is really going on. Whether you wouldn’t notice in Germany that France, oh what, all of Europe is ruled by a mafia. There were conspiracy theories booming among anti-fascists of the No Pasaran movement in Paris at the day before the presidential election. Most of the participating demonstrators will probably vote invalidly or not at all.


This first Sunday in May 2017 should be a groundbreaking one for the whole of Europe, it was said in the run-up to the election. There was a hint of history in the air. And drama. This year’s presidential election in France was both, charged with all sorts of expectations of salvation and steeped in gloomy apocalypse-scenarios. Would one of the more liberal candidates be able to dampen the right-wing jolt that has shaken Europe like a seismic quake in recent months? Or would Marine Le Pen install right-wing national extremism in one of the world’s primordial democracies as a state leader?


About Macron, the Grande Nation is divided view

All reason and the vast majority of French and European media spoke against it. But after Brexit and Trump everything had become conceivable in France as well.

Had established survey procedures already included the candidate Macron, known as Valls’ government minister of economics and investment banker? Were there any methods of measuring the En Marche phenomenon? Until a year ago, he was not on the screen as a candidate for government leadership. About Emmanuel Macron, the Grande Nation is divided. For some, his youth is a sign of inexperience. While just that, his brief presence in a political class perceived as corrupt, for the others his unspoiltness should guarantee.

The relevance of the French election as a hint at the feared manifestation of the right-wing extremist in a European government centre and a subsequent infection of the German Bundestag elections was abundantly clear. Reason enough for me to go to Paris to be there when the European way would end in a dead end here or would branch off anew and end in a magnificent boulevard.

May 10th, 2017, 15:31 pm
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