The institutions of the European Union


In a first step of my project I drove for a few days from Strasbourg via Frankfurt, Luxembourg to Brussels and photographed the institutions of the European Union.

In a broader sense, I photographed architecture. However, the processes that take place behind the walls of the buildings outweigh the size of the houses. They are supposed to bring together expert committees, heads of state and councils of ministers to talk to each other. Here, European concerns are to be analysed and solutions found for tasks that balance the interests of their individual regions for the benefit of all members of the European Union.

No need to mention that such processes do not exclusively run smoothly. The adaptation process is also part of the process in the forums in Brussels and Strasbourg. It can sometimes be turbulent. When regional interests make massive noises on the European stage and thus come into a broad focus, a large space is opened up for all the diversity of European societies. As long as they guarantee to respect the peculiarities and charm of all partner regions in peaceful coexistence, everyone has room. Sometimes there is a need for explanation. And there is a need for understanding. That is why people meet and talk, explain and understand in Brussels.


The way into people’s hearts is through trust.

The history of mankind has shown that the growing together of peoples is not naturally harmonious. It is then a question of the talent and intuition of the Europhysicists to let the idea go from the Brussels laboratories into societies. This is the place where it has to verify that the statics of the concept will last. This is where the importance, quality and usefulness of the connection between peoples must become reality, where theory must prove its practical usefulness. This is where the idea must unfold its full power.

The persuasiveness of the idea is there. The persuasiveness of politics is still missing, or do we miss strong communication? The way into the hearts of the people, however, does not only go through info days, but with confidence. That needs to get formed.

The assumption is obvious that the connection between peoples will remain far below their potential if it does not grow beyond the status of a monetary union. Europe’s cultural-political gene pool, which has grown over the centuries, has all the necessary facilities to grow together into an economic, social and even a justice union.

Perhaps the reference to social justice is more trustworthy to the people than talking about coins.

April 19th, 2017, 17:15 pm
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